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'FITShdr' package

'FITShdr' package contains set of utilities, that allows to display or modify FITS-file headers (FITS MEF included).
The package includes 'stream' editor ('fitshdr') and interactive editor ('fitshdr_edit') as well.

Both source tarball and i386 RPM are available for downloading:
  size:          36379
  MD5  checksum: 1e7222149ca36696797a6e0f4af41afc
  SHA1 checksum: 990bdf69f67d2b989d2d6e044deeaf9128d4470c
  size:          539101
  MD5  checksum: 19e046da52b3ec8dd89aaed9e806bb5d
  SHA1 checksum: 07a4b4e2bd96a4c9fda7dc65127d0b80130c97e1